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    Write a report that defines internal controls. List specific examples that Done Jones should use in his small business.

    Use the Library, the Internet, or any other resources to help you with this task. Be sure to use APA style writing. Spell check and proofread your document before posting. Remember to cite your sources.

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    Internal Control 1
    Picket, n.d. defines internal controls as mechanisms to ensure objectives are achieved. Good controls encourage efficiency, compliance with laws and regulations, sound information, and seek to eliminate fraud and abuse. Internal control is also a process designed to provide assurance regarding the achievement of objectives in the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability and internal and external reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations and internal policies.
    Everyone in the organization has some role to play in the organization's internal control system. The board of directors is responsible for the company's system of internal control and it sets appropriate policies on internal control and seek regular assurance to ensure that the system of internal control is effective in managing risks in the manner which it has approved. It is also the role of the management to implement board policies on risk and control and all the employees of an organization have some responsibility for internal control as part of their accountability for achieving objectives. Management also needs to review the effectiveness of internal control by forming its own view on effectiveness after due and careful enquiry based on the information and assurances provided to it.
    A few examples of internal control activities are as follows: (1) Tracking of major agency achievements and comparing these to the plans, goals and ...

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