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Trend Analysis and Budgeted Amounts

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I would appreciate any assistance with these discussion questions. Please provide other references used if any.

Thank you!

1. Compare and contrast the budgeted amounts of the four (4) highest discretionary spending accounts for the state of VA and two (2) neighboring states.

This response requires researching a total of 3 States (Provide a 100 word response for each)

State 1-VA

(4) highest discretionary spending accounts

State 2

(4) highest discretionary spending accounts

State 3

(4) highest discretionary spending accounts

2. From the "State & Local Summary Tables by Level of Government" spreadsheets in the e-Activity, describe the budgeted amounts from the U.S. Total and the allocated amounts provided to your state.

Provide a 100 word response


3. Referring to the "Annual Population Estimates 2000 to 2009" spreadsheet in the e-Activity, analyze and forecast the population growth rate for 2010 and 2011of the state you chose and its impact on the four (4) highest discretionary spending accounts.

Provide a 100 word response


The very first section is what you need: Annual Population Estimates 2000 - 2009

Click on XLS to download the spreadsheet.

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Trend analysis and budgeted amounts are examined.

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Thanks for your question! I found several sources which would be very helpful for the state budget discussion and have included them in the attached Word document.

Please see the attached word document and excel spreadsheets for correct formatting of the charts and graphs.

Please let me know if I can clarify anything else. Thank you.

Thanks for your question!

Question 1
This exercise requires finding data on several states' budgets.
The info for Virginia's budget came from: http://dpb.virginia.gov/budget/buddoc12/index.cfm
North Carolina's budget can be found at: http://osbm.nc.gov/thebudget
Tennessee's budget can be found at: http://www.tn.gov/finance/bud/documents/11-12BudgetVol1.pdf

State 1 - VA
The highest percentage of Virginia's budget is dedicated to Education. It is also important to note that Virginia had the largest state budget of the 3 states I chose to compare. The budget of education was as high as the next 2 highest spending categories (Health & Human Resources and Transportation) combined. Virginia ...

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