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    Tax issues

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    Let me pose an issue to you. Say you are working as an accountant reporting to the corporate controller. You research some tax issue for him and come to a reasonable conclusion based on the facts you have researched. After your boss reviews your work, he comes back to you with a great idea on how to reduce taxes. However, his idea includes interpreting the tax code in a manner that you find suspect. You can't exactly say that he is wrong based on the letter of the tax code, but it doesn't sound right to you.

    How do you handle this situation? Would you propose a tax position that saved the company $2M, earned you a big bonus, but was supported by facts that were in the gray area of interpretation?

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    This really depends on how gray the gray area is. If the gray area of law has case law that may support it in a persuasive manner, then I would support it ...

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    The solution discusses if you would support a tax position with the controller that may be suspect.