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Solve equations by grafting, substitution, addition method

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Solve by graphing, indicate whether each system is independent, inconsistent, or dependent.
1. x + y = 5
x - y = -1

2. y = -x
y = -x + 3

Solve by substitution, indicate whether each system is independent, inconsistent, or dependent.
3. x - y = 3
3x - 2y = 3

4. 2x - y = 3
6x - 9 = 3y

Solve by the addition method, indicate whether each system is independent, inconsistent, or dependent.
5. -3x + y = 3
2x - 3y = 5

6. 5x - 3y= -20
3x + 2y = 7

Solve each system by the method of your choice. (indicate the method)
7. 3x - 2y = 8
x = -2y

8. 4y = -5x
5x + 8y = 20

9. The royal python and the anaconda are the world's longest snakes. The maximum length for each of these snakes is implied by the following description:
Three royal pythons and two anacondas measure 161 feet. The royal python's length increased by triple the anaconda's length is 119 feet. Find the maximum length for each snake.

10. A restaurant purchased eight tablecloths and five napkins for $106. A week later, a tablecloth and six napkins were bought for $24. Find the cost of one tablecloth and one napkin; assuming the same prices for both purchases.

*****Bonus***** (worth ¼ point)
Q. Which weighs more: a pound of feathers or a pound or bricks?

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