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Schedule D, Taxation

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Gabe sold his business for $120,000 and transferred a building, FMV $80,000, land FMV $10,000; and furniture and fixtures, FMV $30,000 and adjusted basis $22,500.
What is the value of goodwill and ongoing concern?

An investment-use casualty loss is carried from Form 4684 to which line.
Schedule A, Itemized deductions. line 20
Schedule A, itemized deductions, line 28
Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses, line 15
Form 1040, line 14

If married taxpayers file a joint return for all year involved in creating or deducting an NOL:
The full amount of the NOL is deducted based on the spouse's income that incurred the NOL
The full amount of the NOL is deducted based on combined income
Both of the above
None of the above

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1 - To calculate goodwill, we would take the cost of the acquisition or purchase minus the fair market value of the assets. The remainder is goodwill. In this case, 80,000 + 10,000 + 30,000 = 120,000. The sale price was also $120,000, so the total amount of goodwill is zero. Ongoing concern is not a valid topic. There is no such ...

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