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What constitutes a sale, worthless security, 1244 stock

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An individual taxpayer sells some used assets in a garage sale. Why are none of the proceeds taxable in most situations?

What usually constitutes evidence of a "sale" of property for tax purposes?

What is the difference between a "worthless security" and "1244 stock"?

How is it possible to have a casualty gain from the disposition of depreciable business property held more than a year? Is the gain initially a 1231 gain?

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This solution answers various questions on accounting practices, such as what constitutes evidence of a property sale, the difference between worthless security and 1244 stock, and how to have a casualty gain from the disposition of depreciable business property.

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The garage sale items are not taxable because first they are usually sold at a loss (compared to their original purchase price) and second, the loss is a personal loss and not deductible. So no gain, and no loss.

Although there are differences for various types of property, generally evidence of sale of a property can include:

1. Transfer of title for personal property such as vehicles
2. Transfer deed for real ...

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