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    market consequences of a price floor

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    3-4 page paper

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    Write a 3-4 page paper that directly addresses the following questions:
    1. In economic terms, what are the market consequences of a price floor? Discuss the economic implications of implementing a legal minimum wage.
    Price floor refers to the lower limit of the price that can be charged for a product. This limit is set by an association, a consortium or by the government. This level is higher than the equilibrium price. The market consequences of such an action are that the purchasers are forced to pay a higher price for the product. Many buyers reduce their consumption of that product. On the other hand since the suppliers feel assured that they will get a higher price for their goods step up production. This leads to a situation where there is more supply than demand. A price flooring may have the consequences illegal violations of price floor.
    The economic consequence of implementing a price floor is that unemployment is generated. The reason is that the minimum wages are set above the equilibrium wage rate. Again there are two effects of a minimum wage rate. On one side, more people seek jobs as the higher wages attracts more persons to work. On the other hand the higher minimum wages discourage the businesses to hire more people. The result is an increase in unemployment.
    2. What do the laws of supply and demand predict would be the result of an immediate removal of minimum wage in terms of the price of labor and the quantity available?
    From the perspective of supply and demand, if there was removal of minimum wages, the price of labor expressed in terms of wages would immediately fall. In addition, the quantity available would also decrease because fewer people would be willing to work. A new ...

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