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    Managerial Accounting

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    Use the following to answer questions 1-4:

    Solo Company is a small merchandising firm. During the next month, the company expects to sell 500 units. The company has the following revenue and cost structure:

    Selling price per unit $60
    Cost per unit $15
    Sales commission 10% of sales
    Advertising expense $5,000 per month
    Administrative expense $3,000 per month plus 20% of sales

    (1) What is the expected gross margin next month?
    (2) What is the expected contribution margin next month?
    (3) What is the expected total administrative expense next month?
    (4) What is the expected net operating income?

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    (1) What is the expected gross margin next month?

    Gross margin is given as sales less the cost of sales. In this case the total sales are 60X500=$30,000. The cost of sales is the cost of the material that is being sold. The cost of material is given as $15 per unit. The total material cost is 15X500=$7,500. The expected gross ...

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    The solution explains the calculation of margins, expenses and net operating income