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Impact of transactions

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Problem 16-9
Guo limited provides you with the following condensed balance sheet information.
Assets Liabilities and shareholders equity
Current assets $40,000
Investments in ABC company- trading 60,000
Equipment (net) 250,000
Intangibles 60,000
total assets $410,000 Current and long term liabilities $100,000
Shareholders equity
Common shares* $20,000
Contributed surplus 110,000
Retained earnings 180,000 310,000
Total liabilities and
shareholders equity $410,000
* 10,000 shares issued and outstanding

For each transaction below, indicate the dollar impact (if any) on the following five items: (1) total assets, (2) common shares, (3)contributed surplus, (4) retained earnings, and (5) shareholders' equity. (each situation is independent.)

(A) The company declares and pays a $0.50 per share dividend.
(B) The company declares and issues a 10% stock dividend when the share's market price is $12 per share.
(C) The company declares and issues a 40% stock dividend when the share's market price is $17 per share.
(D) The company declares and distributes a property dividend. The company gives one share of ABC shares for every two shares of company shares held. ABC is selling for $12 per share on the date the property dividend is declared.
(E) The company declares a 3-for-1 stock split and issues new shares.
Intermediate Accounting - 7th Canadian edition Volume 2 Kieso, Weygandt
Problem 16-9


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