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    Flexible Budgets: Standard Costs for Joe's Lawn Service

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    #1. Flexible Budgets: Joe's Lawn Service primarily mows lawns for residential customers. Management has determined direct labor hours is the primary cost driver and has developed the following cost equations based on direct labor hours:

    Grooming Supplies (variable) y= $0 + $4.00x
    Direct Labor (variable) y= $0 + $12.00x
    Overhead (mixed) y= $8,000 + $1.00x

    1. Prepare a flexible budget for each of the following activity levels: 550, 600, and 700 direct labor hours.
    2. Determine the total cost per direct labor hour at each of the levels of activity.
    3. The company normally records 650 direct labor hours during June. Each job requires 1.45 hours of labor time. If management wants to earn a profit equal to 40% of the costs incurred, what should the charge be to an average lawn-care customer?

    #2. Standard Costs

    January production numbers:
    Production volume 4000 units
    Material Cost (actual) $14,500
    Actual Hours worked 5,950 DLH
    Material Standards .75 sq yds @ $5.00 per yard
    Labor Standards 1.5 DLH @ $20 per DLH
    Material Quantity Variance $1,000 U
    Labor Rate Variance $1,500 F

    1. Standard quantity of material allowed for January production.
    2. Standard DLH allowed for January production.
    3. Material price variance
    4. Labor efficiency variance
    5. Standard prime cost to produce one unit
    6. Actual cost to produce one unit
    7. Explain the variances. What could have caused these variances?

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