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FASB versus GASB

FASB has special rules for reporting on private health care organizations. And of course, if the health care organization is associated with government (as an SPE), then GASB rules. What are the similarities and differences in the accounting practices between the two?

We've been discussing about the different standard setting boards and to which type of health care provider they apply (GASB, FASB, AICPA Accounting Guide for Healthcare)- so we understand who promulgates the rules and that generally, while they follow different sets of GAAP the differences are primarily in how their financials are presented

What they have in common is they measure their assets and liabilities similarly, they recognize revenue and expenses using accrual accounting, and they give comparable performance measures.

Please cite in paragraph and post bibliography

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The FASB are generally known as GAAP, generally accepted accounting principles.

GASB is primarily principle-based while U.S. GAAP is rules-based. Here's an article explaining the differences: http://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/06/rulesandpriciplesbasedaccounting.asp#axzz1bVpGGhkf

The difference between approaches between GASB and FASB is in the methodology used in accounting. Under GAAP ...

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Similarities and differences between FASB and GASB accounting practices. Includes sources/citations.