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    Fair Value / Equity method

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    I started on this problem, but I think I am doing it wrong. Can someone show how to do this? I have attached an excel file to make it easier to read.

    Fill in the dollar changes caused in the Investment account and Dividend Revenue or Investment Revenue account by each of the following transactions, assuming Maxey Company uses (a) the fair value method and (b) the equity method for accounting for its investments in Kerwin Company.

    (a) Fair Value Method (b) Equity Method
    Investment Dividend Investment Investment
    Transaction Account Revenue Account Revenue
    1. At the beginning of Year 1, Maxey bought 30% of Kerwin's common stock at its book value. Total book value of all Kerwin's common stock was $1,800,000 on this date.
    2. During Year 1, Kerwin reported $100,000 of net income and paid $50,000 of dividends.
    3. During Year 2, Kerwin reported $40,000 of net income and paid $50,000 of dividends.
    4. During Year 3, Kerwin reported a net loss of $24,000 and paid $10,000 of dividends.
    5. Indicate the Year 3 ending balance in the Investment account, and cumulative totals for Years 1, 2, and 3 for dividend revenue and investment revenue.

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