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Equity Securities Entries: Capriati Corp

AE17-11 Journal entries for equity securities for Capriati Corp in 2012, their first year of business, including unrealized gains or losses in 2012:

Jan 15: Purchased 13,500 shares of Gonzalez Company's stock at $50.25 per share and commission of $2,970.
Apr 1: Purchased 7,500 shares of Belmont Co.'s stock at $78.00 per share and commission of $5,055.
Sep 10: Purchased 10,500 shares of Thep Co.'s preferred stock at $39.75 per share and commission of $7,365.

May 20: Capriati sold 4,500 shares of Gonzalez Company's common stock at a market price of $52.50 per share less commissions of $4,275. The year-end fair values per share were: Gonzalez $45.00, Belmont $82.50, and Thep $42.00. Capriati Corporation plans to hold these securities for the long term but may sell them in order to earn profits from appreciation in prices.

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