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Determining Allowable Charitable Contribution Deductions

In each of the following independent cases determine the amount of charitable contributions allowed the individual before consideration of any percentage limitations.

A. Charitable Chubbs contributed an item of inventory from his sole proprietorship to a public charity for its use. The fair market value of the asset was $800 and his basis was $600.

B. Durwood Dodson contributed some shares of common stock that he had held long-term to a private charity. The basis of the stock was $8,000 and it had a fair market value of $7,000.

C. John Smith contributed tangible personal property that he had held long-term to a public charity. The asset had a fair market value of $10,000 and a basis of $6,000. The charity intended to sell the asset and use the proceeds for charitable purposes.

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A. The deduction permitted for the contribution of inventory is the lower of its fair market value or the donor's basis on the date of the contribution. Therefore, the deduction is limited to ...

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