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    Costs per equivalent unit

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    Supervisor Micro Production uses the weighed -average method in its process costing system. During January, the Delta Assembly Department completed its processing of 25,000 units and transferred them to the next department.The cost of beginning inventory and the costs added during January amounted to $599,780 in total. The ending inventory in January consisted of 3,000 units, which were %80 complete with repsect to materials and %60 complete with respect to labor and overhead. the costs per equivalent unit for the month were as follows:
    Materials Labor Overhead
    costs per equivalent unit $12.50 $3.20 $6.40

    1- Compute the total cost per equivalent unit for the month.
    2- Compute the equivalent units of materials , labor, and overhead in the ending inventory for the month.
    3- Prepare the cost reconciliation portion of the department'sproduction report for Janunary.

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