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    White and Wong, Inc. has had financial difficulty and is being liquidated by the Federal Bankruptcy Court. The firm has a liquidation value of $1,000,000 --- $400,000 from the fixed assets that served as collateral for the mortgage bonds and $600,000 from all other assets (all prior claims have been satisfied). The firm's current capital structure is as follows:

    Source of Capital Amount

    Unsecured bonds $500,000
    Mortgage bonds $400,000
    Preferred stock $100,000
    Common stock $500,000

    The common stockholders will receive __________ in the liquidation?

    a) $500,000,
    b) $333,333,
    c) $198,000, or
    d) $0.

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    Answer: the common stockholders will receive $0 in the liquidation

    Payments to common stockholders are subordinated to payments to creditors and preferred ...

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