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    Break Even Point - C-V-P

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    The C-V-P Equation
    The company sells lawnmowers for $895 each. The variable cost per lawnmower is $520. The company's monthly fixed costs are $84,500. Using the C-V-P equation, compute the amount of profit the company will have for a month in which the company sells 375 lawnmowers.

    Break-Even Units
    The company sells shovels for $27.75 each. The variable cost per shovel is $14.25. The company's monthly fixed costs are $2,538. Compute the number of shovels the company must sell to break even.

    Break-Even Sales Revenue
    The company has a variable cost ratio of 65% and monthly fixed costs of $91,000. What is the company's break-even point in terms of sales dollars?

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