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    Break-even in units and dollars for Lindon Company's product sales

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    Lindon Company is the exclusive distributor for an automotive product that sells for $40 per unit and has a CM ratio of 30%. The company's fixed expenses are $180,000 per year. The company plans to sell 16,000 units this year.

    1. What are the variable expenses per unit?
    2. Using the equation method:
    a. What is the break-even point in units and sales dollars?
    b. What sales level in units and in sales dollars is required to earn an annual profit of $60,000?
    c. Assume that by using a more efficient shipper, the company is able to reduce its variable expenses by $4 per unit. What is the company's new break-even point in units and sales dollars?
    3. Repeat (2) above using the formula method.

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