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    An item is relevant if it is different between alternatives.

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    "An item is relevant if it is different between or among decision alternatives.
    That item is not relevant if it is the same between or among decision alternatives."

    We have more information available today than ever before ... Yet that
    is not always to our benefit, for much of the information may have
    questionable accuracy and/or value. How do we determine what to use?

    Looking at the above Quote, can you think of
    any situation, when you would not use the above guideline as stated?

    If you did choose to NOT follow the guideline, would the resulting
    decision truly be relevant? How so?

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    How do we determine what to use?

    It gets harder and harder to determine what to use since now there is SO MUCH to look at. It can be overwhelming. Before the internet and large databases, you usually asked a friend, neighbor or parent for their thoughts. If it was a big decision, you might have gone to the library and done some research. Maybe you made a few calls and visited some stores and comparison shopped.

    Now it is easier to get lots of information from your home computer but it can be overwhelming. Some people don't ...

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