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Accounting Software Application

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Identify and research three different accounting software applications. Compare and contrast each accounting application. Describe the industries and organization size that the application is best suited for. Identify each application's strengths and weakness. Prepare a 10-minute PowerPoint® presentation that documents your analysis and findings. Present your evaluation criteria and how each accounting application met the criteria. Select your top choice of accounting applications based upon your criteria. Make sure that you also complete the notes section of your PowerPoint presentation. Also create a 2-3 page memo sharing your findings with the executive sponsor of the accounting application selection project.

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//Before describing about the compare and contrast between the accounting applications, it is essential to gain knowledge about the 'Accounting Software Application'. One should know about the basic concept of accounting software application and its operations, which further will aid in analyzing the differences and similarities effectively.//


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Accounting software works as the Accounting Information System and is defined as the application software which keeps a track of records and accordingly processes the transaction of accounting inside the functional modules like accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and trial balance.

Accounting software comprises of the modules. This accounting software can be developed in-house by the organization or it might be purchased from the third party. The accounting software varies in its intricacy and cost and comprises of different modules (Tech Target, 2006). At present, there are various accounting software applications available. Among ...

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