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    Accounting for Research & Development Costs

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    1. Accounting for R & D Costs

    Martinez Company incurred the following costs during 2010 in connection with its research and development activities.

    Cost of equipment acquired that will have alternative uses in future R & D
    projects over the next 5 years (uses straight-line depreciation). $330,000
    Materials consumed in R & D projects 59,000
    Consulting fees paid to outsiders for R & D projects 100,000
    Personnel costs of persons involved in R & D projects 128,000
    Indirect costs reasonable allocable to R & D projects 50,000
    Materials purchased for future R & D projects 34,000

    Compute the amount to be reported as research and development expense by Martinez on its income statement for 2010. Assume equipment is purchased at beginning of year.


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    2010 depreciation on equipment with alternative uses $ 66,000 ($330,000/5 years)
    Materials consumed in R & D projects 59,000
    Consulting fees paid to ...

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