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    Factory overhead rate

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    Hope you can help! I have the answer/solution to a problem but could you help me by explaining it better to me? Can you let me know if the answer is correct and how was it derived to that answer? Can you show me step by step to this?

    Factory overhead rate, entry for applying factory overhead, and factory overhead account balance

    The chief cost accountant for Mountain Glade Beverage Co. estimated that total factory overhead cost for the Blending Department
    for the coming fiscal year beginning March 1 would be $546,000, and total direct labor costs would be $420,000. During March,
    the actual direct labor cost totaled $36,000, and factory overhead cost incurred totaled $45,000.

    a. What is the predetermined factory overhead rate based on direct labor cost?

    b. Journalize the entry to apply factory overhead rate based on direct labor cost?

    c. What is the March 31 balance of the account Factory Overhead - Blending Department?

    d. Does the balance in part ( c ) represent overapplied or underapplied factory overhead?

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