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Depreciation,ratios,doubtful debts, bond redemption

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Problem 1 - Accounts Receivable (10 points)
Dolan Company uses the allowance method to account for uncollectible accounts. Prepare the appropriate journal entries to record the following transactions during 2006. You may omit journal entry explanations.

June 20 The account of Ken Unruh for $1,000 was deemed to be uncollectible and is written off as a bad debt.

Bad debts a/c Dr 1000
To Ken Unruh 1000

Profit and loss account Dr 1000
To bad debts a/c 1000

Oct. 14 Received a check for $1,000 from Ken Unruh, whose account had previously been written off as uncollectible.

Account Receivable a/c Dr 1000

To Bad debts a/c 1000

(previously written off bad debt now reversed)

Bank a/c Dr 1000

To Accounts receivable 1000

Dec. 31 Use the following information for the year-end adjusting entry:

The balance of Accounts Receivable and Allowance for Doubtful Accounts at year end are $131,000 and $2,900, respectively. It is estimated that bad debts will be 3% of accounts receivable.
3% of accounts receivable 131000*3%=3930

Fresh provision=3930-2900=1030
Profit and loss ac Dr 1030

To provision for doubtful debts a/c 1030

Problem 2 - Bonds Payable (20 points)

Tipten Company issues $200,000 of 8%, 10-year bonds on January 1, ...

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