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    Comparative Benefits of an LLC

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    Match the following entity forms with the additional benefits offered by a limited liability company (LLC) compared with the entity form.
    a. ability of owners to have limited liability
    b. ability to pass tax attributes through to the owners
    c. right of all owners to participate in the management of the business
    d. greater flexibility in terms of the number of owners, types of owners, special allocation opportunities, and capital structure
    e. ability to have multiple owners

    ____ 22. S corporation

    ____ 23. C corporation

    ____ 24. limited partnership

    ____ 25. general partnership

    ____ 26. sole proprietorship

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    _d__ 22. S corporation: An S corporation can have no more than 100 shareholders; they must be domestic individuals, estates, certain exempt organizations, or certain trusts; there can be only one ...

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    This solution discusses the benefits of a limited liability company compared to other business entity choices.