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    Baldwin Corporation's Total Liabilities

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    1. Digby has a leverage of 1.81 This means that:
    (Assume leverage is calculated as Assets/Equity)

    2. On July 31st, the Baldwin Corporation's balance sheet reported:

    Total Assets of $87.248 million
    Total Common Stock of $2.540 million
    Cash of $4.020 million
    Retained Earnings of $20.016 million.

    What were the Baldwin Corporation's total liabilities?

    Last year the Digby company increased their equity. In 2010 their equity was $49,954. Last year (2011) it increased to $54,008.

    What are causes of change in equity? Check all that apply.
    Select: 3
    Depreciation of -$38,653
    A bond issue of$1,599.
    Change in inventory of-$670.
    A change in short term debt of-$4,846.
    Dividend payment of$6,353.
    Issue and retirement of stock.
    An accounts payable change of$1,687.
    Profits of $11,914
    Plant Improvements of $10,100
    A change in cash of -$3,247.
    A change of plant and equipment of$10,100

    The Baldwin Company has just purchased $39,660,000 of plant and equipment that has an estimated useful life of 15 years. Suppose at the end of 15 years this plant and equipment can be salvaged for $3,966,000 (1/10th of its original cost). What will be the book value of this purchase (excluding all other Plant and Equipment) after its first year of use? Use generally accepted (FASB) accounting principles.

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    Last year the Digby company increased their equity. In 2010 their equity was $49,954. Last year ...

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