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Pharpharmaceutical Industry's Future

What are the prospects, opportunities and threats for the pharmaceutical industry going forward?What must pharmaceutical firms do to exploit the opportunities and counter the threats? This paper goes into the role of governments, regulation, opportunities, the aging populations in some areas of the world, the "population boom" coming in other parts of it as well as the role of lobbyiests and free trade. All are described clearly and in detail in this article.

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For this open ended question I would include this information-

- If governments around the globe step away from socialistic type government regulation concerning pricing, taxation and regulatory trials and premature recalls some, and allow companies to spend more time with research and development, marketing and making profits, the prospects should be good.

-Too much regulation as described in the prior sentence is also one of their threats.

-Opportunities exist around our developing world for several reasons; population in the developing world is growing rapidly, and many of these people need medicines, vaccines etc. From a Macro-economic prospective, the world wants these people to do well, so they can help increase world trade and help become an intricate part of our global economy. So, providing medicines and new and innovative and more effective ones ...

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This article discusses and describes in detail, the prospects, threats andopportunities for the pharmaceutical industry as our 21st century progresses. It also describes what Big Pharma must do in the future to not only exploit the opportunities but also counter the threats facing it.