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Paired T test: Oatmeal & Image formation

Behavioral Statistics Questions

For questions in Chapter 11, Questions 22 and 23-or this module, you are expected to type out the answers. Ensure that the assignments are well organized. In some cases you will need to create a formula to answer the question. You can do so using the equation editor in MS Word (in Word 2007, the equation editor is located in the insert tab). Additionally, some questions will require you to insert tables or create figures and/or graphs to answer the question. To accomplish this you will need to create these tables/figures using the 'draw' toolbar in MS Word or use the table feature to create the graphics. Some of these problems will require you to create multiple formulas to complete. Make sure you label each formula to ensure full credit for the problem. You must show all calculations required for each calculations on assignments. You also may use your textbook(s), notes, calculators and the computer (SPSS or Excel) to complete your assignments. Credit will not be awarded on problems for which work is not shown and points will be deducted from assignments if they are not well organized or clearly legible. Make sure to double check your answers for accuracy. Assignments will be submitted as an attachment in one of the following formats ONLY: docx, doc, or rtf documents. If you use SPSS or Excel to help you in computing your answers, make sure you include all additional worksheets and SPSS/Excel output sheets (clearly identified and included with the appropriate questions).

22. A researcher for a ceral company wanted to demonstrate the health benefits of eating oatmeal. A sample of 9 volunteers was obtained and each participant are a fixed diet without any oatmeal for 30days. At the end of the 30 day period, cholesterol was measured for each individual. Then the participants began a second 30 day period in which they repeated exactly the same diet except that they added 2 cups of oatmeal each day. after the second 30 day period, cholesterol levels were measured again. The scores for the 9 paricipants are as follows: 0, -2, -11, -15, -12, +3, -9, -9, -8 ( a negative score indicates a decrease in cholesterol level). Are the data sufficient to demonstrate a significant change in cholesterol level after 30days with an oatmeal diet? Use a two-tailed test with α=.05.

23. A variety of research results suggest that visual images interfere with visual perception. In one study, segal and fusella had participants watch a screen, looking for brief presentations of a small blue arrow. On some trails, the participants were also asked to form a mental image (for example a volcano). The results show that participants made more errors while forming images than while not forming images. Data similar to the segal and fusella results are as follows. Do the data indcate a significant difference between the two conditions? Use a two tailed test with α=05.
Paricipant errors with image errors without image
a 14 4
b 9 2
c 12 10
d 7 8
e 10 6
f 8 6

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