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MCQs, True or False & Short Answers

Please see the attached file for proper format and graphs.

1. You want to graph the average stay in a hospital by gender and service for the month of June. Which graphic tool would you use?
a. Bar graph
b. Histogram
c. Pie chart
d. Line graph

2. What type of data display tool is used to display discrete or categorical variable?
a. Bar graph
b. Histogram
c. Pie chart
d. Line graph

3. For the following excerpt from a patient survey, determine whether it follows the principles of good survey design and why.
What is your age?

4. The distribution in this curve is:
a. Normal
b. Uniform
c. Symmetric
d. skewed right
e. skewed left

5. Suppose a random sample of birth weights has been drawn from a population which follows the normal distribution. A statistic is constructed for these data to test the null hypothesis H0:?=5.5lb HA: ??5.5lb at the level of significance ?=0.05. Suppose the p-value is 0.032. Should the null hypothesis be rejected or not? Interpret the p-value.

6. If a 99% confidence interval for ?1-?2 is given by 4.8 <??1-?2 < 9.2, which of the following conclusions can be drawn based on this interval? H0 is the null hypothesis and HA is the alternative hypothesis.

a) Fail to reject H0: ?1=?2 at ?=0.05 if the alternative is HA: ?1??2
b) Reject H0: ?1=?2 at ? =0.01 if the alternative is HA: ?1??2
c) Fail to reject H0: ?1=?2 at ? =0.01 if the alternative is HA: ?1??2.

For questions 7 through 10 please indicate whether the statement is true or false and why.

7. A correlation coefficient r = 0.9 indicates a stronger association than an r = -0.9.

8. A correlation between two variables implies a causal relationship

9. The estimated regression slope is a number always between -1 and 1.

10. If the correlation coefficient r = 0 then we expect the regression coefficient ?1 = 0

11. In a straight line regression model it is found that ?1=0. What are implications of this? What is the regression equation for this model?


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