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Regression Analysis and Correlation Coefficient

Please answer the 11 following questions about the attached problem. Please note that there are 4 attachments for this pb (the table is in two parts).
(c) Find the regression coefficients a and b.
(d) Place the regression line on the scatter diagram.
(e) Give s^2 xy and s xy.
(f) Compute the missing predicted values, residuals, and normal deviates for the given portion of the table.
(g) Plot the residual plot.
(h) Interpret the residual plot.
(i) Plot the residual normal probability plot.
(j) Interpret the residual normal probability plot.
(k) iii. Compute the t -statistic for testing beta = 0. What can you say about its p-
(m) Construct the anova table and use Table A.7 to give information about the p-
(p) Compute the correlation coefficient r.
(q) ii. Construct the 95% confidence interval for r.


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