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Regression Analysis

This solution offers a regression analysis with research citations.

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y^=b0+b1x= y^=5.212+(-0.010x)(288)
y^=5.212+-0.011x =5.201+(0.011)(288)=5.212

The slope within this problem is -0.010976302=0.0109, whereas, the y-intercept is 5.21236895=5.212.
Both formulas are used within a regression line. For example, when using y' = a + bx or y^ = b0 + b1x, the y-intercept is represented by the "a," and the slope is represented by the "b."

The R-square value for this problem is 0.000126265; its significance is to represent the change in the response variable e from 0 to 1. The closer it is to 1, the greater the explanatory power of the regression equation (AIU live chat, 2006).

y^=b0+b1x= ...

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