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Hypothesis Testing and Regression Analysis

Database and Excel files are attached.

1. Hypothesis test using 2 independent vaiables sample. Need to specify the way variables used are independent. Please show all the calculation and steps with test statistic equation and a detail justification and explaination of findings.

2. Chi square table to see if a relationship exists between any of the two variables. What can you conclude at the .05 significance level? Show all the test statistic equation used and explain your findings in details. (Please use Chi square file)

3. Regression Analysis (please use all variables and the multiple regression file)

- make a prediction (your choice) from the variables and show the detail calculation to justify it.
- State the multiple regression equation.
- Interpret the meaning of the slopes in the equation.
- At the .05 level of significance, determine whether each explanatory variable makes a significant contribution to the regression model.
- Interpret the meaning of the r-squared.
- Interpret your findings. What changes would you make to the model, given the results?

4. ANOVA test. Explain your findings in details with test statistic equation. ( Please use the Anova file.)


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