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Correlation and Simple Linear Regression

Using the Excel SUMMARY OUTPUT below, complete the following:
All calculations accurate to four decimal places

1.) What is the value of the correlation coefficient?

2.) What is the value of the coefficient of determination?

3.) What is the value of the y-intercept of the least squares line?

4.) What is the value of the slope of the least squares line?

5.) Write the equation of the least squares line for this set of data.

6.) Is the slope of the line significant (yes or no):

a.) at p < .05?
b.) at p < .01?
c.) at p < .001?

7.) Based on these results, write a sentence explaining the relationship between the dependent and independent variable.

8.) Compute predicted y for x = 10 using the equation of the least squares line for this data set.

9.) What percent of the variation in y (dependent variable) is explained by x (independent) variable?

10.) What value represents the strength of the relationship between the independent and dependent variable?

In simple linear regression, how many independent variables may be used?

How many dependent variables may be used?


Regression Statistics

Multiple R 0.95624857
R Square 0.914411327
Adjusted R Square 0.897293593
Standard Error 5.089839735
Observations 7


df SS MS F Significance F

Regression 1 1383.8962 1383.8962 53.4189 0.00075
Residual 5 129.53234 25.906469
Total 6

Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value

Intercept -3.88811 4.23842 -0.91751 0.40096
X Variable 1 5.81993 0.79659 7.30883 0.00075

please see the attached file


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