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Analysis of Data with SPSS

Identifying individuals with a high risk of alzheimer's disease usually involves a long series of cognitive tests. However, researchers have developed a 7 minute screen, which is a quick and easy way to accomplish the same goal. The question is whether the 7 minute screen is as effective as the complete series of tests. The address this question, Ijuin administered both tests to a group of patients and compared the results. the following data represent results similar to those obtained in the study.
Patient 7 minute screen cognitive series
A 3 11
B 8 19
C 10 22
D 8 20
E 4 14
F 7 13
G 4 9
H 5 20
I 14 25
Use SPSS only and change the directions to the following: A) construct a scatterplot, and B) do all steps in hypothesis testing to examine the relationship between the 7 minute screen and the cognitive series, and C) find the regression equation to predict the cognitive series score from the 7 minute screen score using SPSS. Be sure to write out the equation by hand using the variable names (note: this is Chapter 17 material). Turn in your data file along with your output.

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