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    Regression Analysis

    Regression analysis is a statistical process for estimating the relationships among variables. Regression analysis includes many techniques for modeling and analyzing several variables, when the focus is on the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. This analysis also helps one understand how the typical value of the dependent variable changes when any one of the independent variable is varied, while the other independent variable are held fixed. It is used to estimate the conditional expectation of the dependent variables.

    Regression analysis is widely used for prediction and forecasting, where its use has substantial overlap with the field of machine learning. It is also used to understand which among the independent variables are related to the dependent variable, and to explore the forms of these relationships. In some scenarios, regression analysis can be used to infer causal relationships between the independent and dependent variables.

    Regression models involve the following variables, the unknown parameters, β, the independent variable, X, and the dependent variable, Y. In various fields of application, different terminologies are used in place of dependent and independent variables. A regression model relates Y to a function of X and β by the following

    Y = f(X, β)

    In linear regression, the model specification is that the dependent variable is a linear combination of the parameters. For example, the simple linear regression for modeling n data points there is one independent variable and two parameters. 

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    Errors and Residuals

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    Errors and residuals are measures of the deviation of an observed value of an element of a statistical sample from its "theoretical value".

    Regression Model Validation

    Solutions: 41

    Regression model validation is the process of deciding whether the numerical results quantifying hypothesized relationships between variables, obtained from regression analysis, are in fact acceptable as descriptions of the data.

    Mixed Effects Models

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    A mixed model is one containing both fixed effects and random effects, that is mixed effects.

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    How to Write a Regression Equation

    The objective of a study is to understand the causal relationship between economic performance and voting behavior in presidential elections. For example, if we want to study the extent to which president Trump would be rewarded or punished in 2020 due to the prosperity or ill-health of statewide economies during his first term

    Association Strength and Separating Impact With Regression

    Primary Task: Write a brief paper in APA format of 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Use the gss.sav file. You are interested in predicting a father's education level (dependent variable) when you k

    ANOVA, pivot table, chi square test for independence

    ANOVA:   NYU wants to use a new tutorial to teach the students about business ethics.  As an experiment the administrator randomly selected 15 students and randomly assigned them to one of three groups which include either a PowerPoint presentation created by the faculty, AuthorGen Presentation created by the faculty, or a w

    Statistical Inference Consumption

    Need help answering the following questions: 1. Do you think economics should be used in helping formulate shifts in food consumption or do you think we should leave consumers to make their own choices? Explain your position. 2. Given your knowledge of price elasticity of demand, what do you think the impact of taxing sof

    Regression Analysis Calculations

    Zagat's publishes restaurant ratings for various locations in the United States. The file RESTRATE.xls contains the Zagat rating for food, décor, service, and the price per person for a sample of 53 restaurants located in New York City and 53 restaurants located in Long Island. You want to develop a regression model to predict

    Cancer study in statistics

    This question is taken out of "Fundamentals of Biostatistics" which I need help on. The program we are using is R

    Quality Management Regression

    Find an article that presents a study that utilizes regression and summarize in 100-250 words the article and the role of the regression in the study.

    Interpretation of regression output

    Citizens' Forum for Poverty Alleviation has fitted a regression equation to estimate the expenditure on food items of rural households in Karnataka. They had used family size defined as the number of members in the family (Size), Expenditure on education for children (Education), and Income (in hundreds of rupees) as the explana

    Step-wise logistic regression using SPSS

    An HIV researcher explored the factors that influenced condom use with a new partner (relationship less than 1 month old). The outcome measured was whether a condom was used (Use: condom used =1, used = 0). The predictor variables were mainly scales from the Condom Attitude Scale (CAS) by Sacco, Levine, Reed, and Thompson (1991)

    Fit autoregressive model to GE stock price under different order

    Problem 16.30 GE.xls Autoregression page 677 page 275 The data in the table represent the January 1 stock price for the 20-year period fro 1987 to 2006 for General Electric, one of the world's largest companies. Year Coded Year GE Stock Price 1987 0 2.25 1988 1 2.36 1989 2

    Test for Regression Coefficient using Correlation Coefficient

    Use a simple regression model to test the null hypothesis against the alternative Ho: Beta1 = 0 H1: Beta1 Does NOT = 0 with alpha = 0.05 , given the following regression statistics: a. The sample size is 35, SST = 100,000, and the correlation between X and Y is 0.46. b. The sample size is 61, SST = 123,000, and the corr

    Regression Analysis: Columbia Drug Stores

    Assignment: In five-to-seven pages of double-spaced writing in a Word document, answer the following questions: 1. Based on the text above, build a multiple linear regression population model to analyze the impact of the preceding determinants on Columbia's profitability. What is the multiple linear regression population equ

    Simple Regressions and Multiple Regressions

    What is simple linear regression? How is regression used to create equations and to make predictions? Should variables be strongly correlated in order to use one to predict the other? How is regression used to generate prediction equations in SPSS? How are prediction equations used to make predictions? What is mu

    Research Hypothesis and data set

    Review the Key Assignment requirements. Consider the file gss.sav, containing data on a variety of topics. Identify a data set that you might use for the final assignment Explain your rationale for selecting this data set.

    Xtreg and areg - Robust Regression Analysis with STATA

    For this exercise, you will write your do-file from scratch. Don't forget the Help option if you don't know how to do something. Make sure your do-file is well organized and well annotated. Note: At the end of this document, you will find instructions for an alternate way to create a do file. Please submit: a) A print

    Fixed model - Robust Regression Interpretation of results

    Question One: This problem employs a dataset on labor markets in 23 OECD countries for the years 1980 to 1998. The variables used in the analysis (followed by descriptive statistics) are: 1. Productivity index [prod] = An index measuring country i's economic output (GDP) per hour worked in year t, normalized such that e

    OLS and OLS (Robust Regression Analysis) with STATA

    Heteroskedasticity Diagnostics and Corrections For this exercise, use newschools9810.dta. Please download the do-file for this assignment, "Class 8 Exercise 2014.do," from the course website, and perform all the required statistical operations as directed below. Please submit: a) A printed Stata log file documenting that

    Performing a multiple regression with 3 independent variables

    Identify at your place of work (or a previous place of work, or an organization with which you are affiliated). Identify a dependent variable and 3 independent variables, which you believe affect the dependent variable. Enter the data into Minitab; run the multiple regression analysis; and provide your interpretation.

    Simple regression analysis using state crime case

    We are asked to investigate the hypothesis that the number of crimes is related to police expenditures because states with higher crime rates are likely to increase their police force, thereby spending more on the number of officers on the street. State Number of Crimes (per 100,000 population) Police Protectio

    Performing regression analysis using real data

    There is thought to be a relationship between a persons' educational attainment and the number of children he or she has. The hypothesis is that as one's educational level increases, he or she has fewer children. Investigate this conjecture with 25 cases. Draw from the 2006 GSS file. The following displays educational attainmen

    Calucation of Multiple Regression Model

    Please help me solve this problem. All the data is in the file pamsue.xls, find attached also the Table A & B that is referred to in question 2 & 3. This case involves the decision to locate a new store at one of two candidate sites. The decision will be based on estimates of sales potential. Problem 1 Use the final regre

    Multiple Regression Analysis for Normal Probability

    1) If sample mean plots look essentially parallel, we can intuitively conclude there is an interaction between the two factors. True or false, give a reason why? 2) When we carry out a chi-square test of independence, in the alternative hypothesis we state that the two classifications are statistically independent. True

    Calculate R-squared in multiple regression

    Let's begin by listing all of the variables. Response: The amount of time spent in the hospital Explanatory: age, cholesterol level, blood pressure, and the hospital you are in. Note that one patient cannot be in two hospitals at once, so there is no interaction term between hospitals. Your regression equation should be in t

    Quadratic regression models

    Below is a partial multiple regression computer output based on a quadratic regression model to predict student enrollment at a local university. The dependent variable is the annual enrollment given in thousands of students, the independent variable X is the increase in tuition stated in thousands of dollars per year, and X2is

    Multiple Regression Analysis: Smart Alex

    Complete Smart Alex's Task #1 attached to perform a multiple regression analysis using the Supermodel.sav dataset attached. - State underlying assumptions - Determine whether assumptions have been met - Propose alternatives if assumptions are not met - State null and alternative hypotheses - Analyze data using IBM SPSS S

    Multiple Regression: Coding with SPSS

    The data file contains 6 variables. The dependent variable is reading comprehension (reading), the independent variables are phoneme awareness (phoneme), visual perception (visual), morpheme awareness (morpheme), gender (1-female, 2-male) and LS (Learning Style:1-visual, 2-auditory, 3-kinesthetic). Use SPSS for this project:

    Nonparametric, Regression, and Correlation problems

    Dentistry In a study, 28 adults with mild periodontal disease are assessed before and 6 months after implementation of a dental- education program intended to promote better oral hygiene. After 6 months, periodontal status improved in 15 patients, declined in 8, and remained the same in 5. 9.4 Suppose there are two samples of