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    Quantitative and Qualitative Research Approaches

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    I need some help getting started on my project. Below are the instructions:

    Briefly describe the topic area you are considering for your course project:

    Begin with a 10 to 12 word title that summarizes the main idea of the paper in a concise statement.

    Provide a clear statement of the problem in 3 to 5 sentences, being sure to address the so what factor (that is, what is wrong, missing, unmet needs, opportunities, or unknown).

    Include a set of research questions you will use to organize and focus your continuing search for information and reading of the literature.

    Identify the source for the problem, topic, issue, opportunity, or questions (for example, your own experience/observation, questions emerging from reading in the literature, et cetera), and describe whether you see this as a potential gap in your own knowledge or skills, theory, or previous research.

    Identify one or more library or electronic databases that will serve to give you access to the scholarly literature on your topic, providing a very brief description of how you will access this and the subject areas included in the database. (Note: Until you conduct a more thorough review of the literature, it may be difficult or premature to state whether this topic represents a true gap in the literature.)

    If you have read articles, books, or other sources of information that have informed your conceptualization of this topic, be sure to cite and reference them.

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    A possible title for this piece could be "Quantitative and Qualitative Research Approaches for the Human Services to Provide Care".

    Identification of Source of Problem
    In the Human Services you will be able to use both quantitative and qualitative approaches for you must rely on pure research and applied research to find ways to help your clients find the solutions they need to feel better about themselves the people around them. As a human service worker/social worker or counselor you will need to look to the past to help the present and to secure their future. This is the reason to do basic research and then to conduct interviews and to do various assessments for applied research. (Cozby, 2004)

    Statement of Problem
    A summary of the article is how professionals when doing research and caring for others with behavioral issues they must form a problem statement and make sure that their project ...

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    This essay is all about how human service workers can provide better care for their clients. It is also about doing qualitative and quantitative research methods. This is about how human service workers when working with at-risk teens especially when dealing with teen pregnancy can do research to improve their skills and giving psychological and educational topics dealing with these issues.