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Minitab was used to generate stem-and -leaf for the salaries of both the female and male researchers. See the Exhibits 1-3 for the following in the attached file.

(f) With reference to the box-and-whisker diagrams, compare the salaries of the
researchers selected in your sample, by gender. Ensure that you comment on
the skewness, the median, the interquartile range, the minimum and the
maximum values of both diagrams.

MINITAB was used to generate the descriptive statistics for all the 35 researchers selected in the sample. See Exhibit 3 below.

Exhibit 3

Descriptive Statistics: Researcher Salary

Variable N N* Mean SE Mean TrMean StDev Minimum Q1 Median Q3
Salary 35 0 82951 2266 83200 13404 58100 74800 83800 94300

Variable Maximum
Salary 104500

(g) What does TrMean represent? Comment on the value of the TrMean and show how this value was calculated.