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Eleven, Chevron, and Shell Raw Data

Could you identify explain and calculate how to get the result by using the raw data (locate Hawaii, Southern Carolina, Florida, Las Vegas and Seattle) (Eleven, Chevron and Shell).
Raw data above
using the data collected above presen the following:
A. 1. Discuss any observations you can make regarding the raw data before doing any calculations.
2.Calculate the measures of central tendency for each sample. (Mean, mode, Median)
3. Calculate the dispersion (standard deviation and Range). Identify the 1,2, and 3 Sigma ranges for each sample.
4. Group the data and set up frequency tables for each sample. Again calculate the same items done in #2 and #3 above for the group data. Compare the results with the results from#2(mode,mean,median) and #3. Show your calculations please.


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This solution conducts a statistical analysis of the Eleven, Chevron and Shell raw data to determine standard deviation, range, mean, mode and median. It also constructs a frequency table for each sample in an Excel file.