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Advanced Pivot Tables w/Statistical Explanation

1. A national homebuilder builds single family homes and condominiums style townhouses. The excel file shows information on selling price, lot cost, type of home, and region of the country (M-Midwest and S-South) for closings during one month. Use PivotTables to find the average selling price and lot cost for each type of home in each region. What conclusions might you draw for this information?

2. Construct a column chart for the data in the excel file state unemployment rates to allow a comparison of the June rate with historical highs and lows. Would any other charts be better to visually covey this information? Why or why not?

3. Compute descriptive statistics for liberal arts colleges and research universities in the excel file colleges and universities. Compare the two types of colleges. What can you conclude?


Solution Summary

This solution analyzes via pivot tables the average selling price of homes and lot cost per type of home per region. Further, charts are evaluated for unemployment rates to determine which chart best displays the needed information. Lastly, descriptive statistics are touched upon to depict liberal arts colleges vs. research universities.