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Mean, Median and Mode

A. What is the implied population?

b. What is the sample?

2. Draw a bar chart/graph for the following data

3. Find the mean, median, mode and standard deviation of the data from problem 2.

4. Find the probabilities for the random variable x

5. Find the mean, mode and standard deviation for the data in problem 4.

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Hi there,
<br>I will advise you how to do the problem step by step, but I won't solve it for you. With the help, it will be easy for your to solve on your own.
<br>1)What is the population.
<br>In stats, the population is everyone in the sample - which means ALL university students. Imagine in USA how many university students there are - way too many to poll.
<br>2) what is the sample
<br>Since it is impossible to poll every single university student, you take a random sample of students - in this case 30
<br>3) draw a bar chart
<br>The first thing you should do is to place the tuition fees in order from highest to lowest.
<br>Then you can see the range of ...

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