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Probability of Events: Sum Rule

Our psychology department received a new statistics text for review. Prof. Smart in his review provided an interesting table of corrections.
Type: Alterations: 20%, Spelling 50%, Spelling and alterations: 10%.
Assuming that spelling and alterations are the only possible types of corrections, calculate the probability of spotting a correction due to an alteration error or a spelling error and the probability of detecting no correction.

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Alterations = Only alterations + Spelling and alterations
20%=Only alteration+10%
or Only alteration= 20% - 10%=10%

Spelling = Only spelling + Spelling and alterations
Or Only spelling = Spelling - Spelling and alterations

Total correction = Only alterations + Only spelling+ Spelling and ...

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In over 300 words, this solution illustrates how to solve these problems based on probability. The solution employs the addition rule of probability when events are not mutually exclusive.