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Please show all calculations.

The probability that there are less than 3 occurrences in ten minutes is
a. .0659
b. .0948
c. .1016
d. .1239
e. None of the above

Z is a standard normal random variable. The P(-1.20< =Z<=1.50) =
a. 0.0483
b. 0.3849
c. 0.4332
d. 0.8181
e. None of the above

The probability of a player weighing more than 241.25 pounds on a team with the mean weight of 200 pounds and a standard deviation of 25 pounds is
a. 0.4505
b. 0.0495
c. 0.9505
d. 0.9010
e. None of the above

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(1) The random variable x, which is the number of occurrences of an event over an interval of ten minutes. It can be assumed that the probability of an occurrence is the same in any two time periods of an equal length. It is known that the mean number of ...

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