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Normal Probability

Please explain solutions for #21, 22.

A final Math exam has a normal distribution with mean 73 and standard deviation 3.5.

21- If one student is randomly selected, find the probability that his score be less than 71:

A) 0.7158 B) 0.2843 C) 0.4934 D) 0.6432

22- If 25 students are randomly selected, find the probability that the mean of their scores be less than 71:

A) 0.9930 B) 0.9979 C) 0.0021 D) 0.0021

23- Why can the Central Limit be applied in question #22, if the sample size doesn't exceed 30?

A) Because the theorem is easy to apply
B) Because the population has a Normal distribution
C) Because this theorem is very important in inferential statistics.
D) Because this theorem apply only in scores distributions.

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