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Binomial probability

5.A marketing firm wants to target people who eat breakfast by sending out a new product. According to recent statistics three in four people eat breakfast. If the marketer sends out samples to 10 people selected at random, Find the probability using the binomial probability distribution formula. (Show all work)

a. Exactly 8 people eat breakfast

b. Exactly 3 people eat breakfast

6.According to a recent survey 30% of people are late for work on any given day. You are a manager of a department of 18 people. Find the probability

a. 3 will be late on a given day.

b. 0 will be late on a given day.

c. More than 1 person will be late on a given day

d. 2 or fewer will be late on a given day

7. Construct a binomial distribution chart and table showing all of the outcomes if a woman would like to know all possible outcomes of having 3 children. Also show this using a probability tree diagram.
a. What are the odds the second child is a boy?

b. What are the odds she has all 3 boys?


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