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1) IF the sampled population has a mean 48 and standard deviation 16, then the mean and the standard deviation for the sampling distribution of x-bar for n=16 are:
2) Consider two population distributions labeled A and B. Distribution A is highly skewed and non-normal, while the distribution B is slightly skewed and near normal. In order for the sampling distributions of A and B to achieve the same degree of normality:
Population A will require a larger sample size
Population B will require a larger sample size
Population A and B will require the same sample size.

3) A manufacturing company measures the weight of boxes before shipping them to the customers. If the box weights have a population mean and standard deviation of 90 lbs and 24 lbs respectively, then based on a sample size of 36 boxes, the probability that the average weight of the boxes will exceed 94 lbs. is:

4) The population of all sample proportions has a normal distribution if the sample size is sufficiently large. The rule of thumb for ensuring that is sufficiently large is:
N(1-p)</.5 and np</5
Np>/5 and n(1-P)>/5

5) The t distribution approaches the ______ as the sample size ________.
Binomial, increases
Binomial, decreases
Z, decreases
Z, increases


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