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Linear Programming - Excel Solver

The advertising director for Diversey Paint and Supply, a chain of four retail stores on Chicago's North Side, is considering tow media possibilities. One plan is for a series of half-page ads in the Sunday Chicago Tribune newspaper, and the other is for advertising time on Chicago TV. The stores are expanding their lines of do-it-yourself tools, and the advertising director is interested in an exposure level of at least 40% within the city's neighborhoods and 60% in northwest suburban areas.
The tv viewing time under consideration has an exposure rating per spot of 5% in city homes and 3% per ad. The cost of a half-page Tribune advertisement is $925; a television spot costs $2,000. Diversey Paint would like to select the least costly advertising strategy that would meet desired exposure levels.
A. Formulate using LP
B. Solve the problem using QM for windows or create the Excel spreadsheet for this problem and use solver to solve for the solution

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