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Weight Data

Please show the prcoess to work the following problems. I do not understand this area at all. Thank you for your assistaance.


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Problems 1 - 3 refer to the chest size and weight data for the first 12 male bears found in Data Set 3: Bears.

[1] Find the linear correlation coefficient for the paired male bear data (chest size, weight).

[2] At the 0.05 significance level, test the claim that there is no linear
correlation between male bear chest size and weight.

[3] Find the regression equation for the data given above. Predict the weight of a male bear with a chest size of 38.0 inches. How much of a male bear's weight is determined by its chest size?

[4] Does eating prunes have a positive effect on a person's test score? This issue was studied by setting up two groups. The first group consisted of thirty-six people who were given prunes and a statistics exam. The second group consisted of forty-eight people who were only given a statistics exam. The mean test score of the first group was 82.4, with a standard deviation of 14.6. The mean test score of the second group was 77.6, with a standard deviation of 13.8. Test the claim that eating prunes before an exam will improve your grade. Based on your results, would you eat prunes before your next exam?

[5] Captopril is a drug designed to lower blood pressure. When subjects were tested, their blood pressure was measured before and after the drug was taken. The results from this test are in the table below. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that captopril lowers blood pressure.

Before 200 198 182 155
After 191 177 151 145