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Testing of two proportions

A pesticide control company wants to compare the effectiveness of two pest control chemicals (call then A and B) with respect to their ability to kill ants. An experiment is conducted as follows:

2000 ants are selected at random.
1000 are selected and placed in a room labeled A
The remaining 1000 are placed in a room labeled B
The chemicals are applied.
After 2 hours the number of dead ants in each room are counted.
In room A, 790 were found dead.
In room B, 820 are found dead.

1. Use a type 1 error rate of 0.05 to determine if the two chemicals are different with respect to their effectiveness. Make sure that you list out all the steps of the test and also define any notations that you use.

2. Construct an appropriate 95% confidence interval for the experimental results. State your conclusions. How are these conclusions different from the one obtained in part a?


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Testing of two proportions.