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Statistics of Deaths in Georgia

The table below lists deaths in Georgia in 2004, the estimated population of Georgia in 1994 and the U.S. population according to the 2000 census. Calculations should be done by hand, but feel free to use software to check your work.

age deaths Est. Georgia population U.S. population
0-4 1,368 679,064 19,175,798
5-9 94 622,129 20,549,505
10-14 129 653,061 20,528,072
15-19 418 625,991 20,219,890
20-44 5,253 3,409,717 104,004,252
45-64 15,140 1,992,139 61,952,636
65+ 43,329 847,082 34,991,753
total 65,731 8,829,183 281,421,906

A. Calculate the age-specific death rates for Georgia in 2004 for each age group.

B. Calculate the age-adjusted death rate for Georgia in 2004 using the 2000 U.S. population as the standard.

C. In a sentence, explain the difference between the direct method of standardization and the indirect method of standardization. In another sentence, defend your choice of method in part B.

D. Briefly think of two confounders (other than age) that might affect death rate in Georgia relative to other states.

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This solution contains a table with calculated values of age-specific death rates, age-adjusted death rates and expected deaths. It also explains the difference between the indirect method and direct method of standardization and provides two examples of confounders that might affect death rate.