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Null and Directional Hypothesis in a Research Article

Find a research article and clearly define both the null and directional hypothesis that was or could have been tested during the statistical analysis of the data.

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The research article is:

Medication adherence among HIV+ adults:
Effects of cognitive dysfunction and regimen complexity
C.H. Hinkin, PhD, S.A. Castellon, PhD, R.S. Durvasula, PhD, D.J. Hardy, PhD, M.N. Lam,
PhD, K.I. Mason, PhD, D. Thrasher, PhD, M.B. Goetz, MD, and M. Stefaniak, BA
Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences (Drs. Hinkin, Castellon, Hardy, Lam, Mason,
and Thrasher, and M. Stefaniak), ...

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