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Hypothsis Testing Problems

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I need assistance in understanding how to work statistics problems.

I need step by step details of how work was done in words of interpretation and in EXCEL so that I can understand these types of problems in future problems.
When using Excel please indicated formulas used, thank you.

I have attached the solutions to the problems, but I need help interpreting the answers in written form for understanding.

(1) Interpreting the answers in written form for understanding

(2) Step by step details of work done so that I can understand these types of
problems in future problems
10.29 Examine the data below showing the weights (in pounds) of randomly selected checked bags for an airlineââ?¬â?¢s flights on the same day. (a) At Ã?± = .05, is the mean weight of an international bag greater? Show the hypotheses, decision rule, and test statistic. (b) At Ã?± = .05, is the variance greater for bags on an international flight? Show the hypotheses, decision rule, and test statistic. Luggage

International Domestic
(10 bags) (15 bags)

39 47 29 37 43
54 48 36 33 42
46 28 33 29 32
39 54 34 43 35
69 62 38 39 39

11.23 Mean output of solar cells of three types are measured six times under random light intensity over a period of 5 minutes, yielding the results shown. Research question: Is the mean solar cell output the same for all cell types? SolarWatts

Solar Cell Output (watts)
Cell Type Output (watts)

A 123 121 123 124 125 127

B 125 122 122 121 122 126

C 126 128 125 129 131 128

15.17 Employees of Axolotl Corporation were sampled at random from pay records and asked to complete an anonymous job satisfaction survey, yielding the tabulation shown. Research question: At Ã?± = .05, is job satisfaction independent of pay category? Employees 688 Applied Statistics in Business and Economics

Pay Type Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Total

Salaried 20 13 2 35

Hourly 135 127 58 320

Total 155 140 60 355


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The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of testing of hypothesis. Formula for the calculation and Interpretations of the results are also included. Interactive excel sheet is included. The user can edit the inputs and obtain the complete results for a new set of data.